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Take control of your business growth

We invite new and existing customers to call us now for a free business review.

Business advice to keep you on the right track

Honest, reliable advice

It’s important to know where your business is today and where you want it to go tomorrow.

With our extensive background in business advice and coaching, we’re first port of call when our customers want honest, expert and reliable advice.

When you need someone to talk to about how your business is tracking along, the expert team at Ogier is here for you.

Meet your business coach

It’s common for business owners to have mentors, and that’s where we fit in. We act as a sounding board, helping you work through life’s challenges, both personal and professional.

And we’re here to celebrate the highs too. Because at Ogier, new clients soon become old friends.  

Ready to be backed by a support team?

At Ogier, we work with a network of professionals so when you run into a problem, we know exactly who to get in to help you, whether it be a specialist lawyer, banker or someone else.

We’re your support team, helping you get through and stay on top of every aspect of accounting. With that kind of support, our clients often find accounting becomes fun!

Let us take your business to the next level

We’re in the future-proofing industry. We love helping clients build new businesses and help existing businesses grow beyond expectations.

Starting with an annual plan of what you want to achieve, we break it down so you can step back and ask yourself if that’s achievable.

Then, with quarterly plans, we help you look at the results from last the quarter and set new 90-day goals.

With a business plan in place, you and your team can monitor your business step by step, with no surprises along the way. We’re here to help you analyse and understand those results.

Because we’re passionate about ongoing education, we’re always helping you learn more about the financial side of your company as it grows.

Ready to take control of business growth and exceed your own expectations?

We invite new and existing customers to call us now for a free 60 - 90 minute business review.

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"I have nothing but praise, for the quality of advice given, the mentoring of our office staff and having a supportive and knowledgeable sounding board for some of our less than conventional ideas."
Vickie & Duncan Thomas. Dance Pacific & Spratz Group, Hawke's Bay

Dance Pacific & Spratz Group - Ogier Chartered Accountants

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