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What makes your workplace culture fun?

Lots of businesses claim to have a fun work culture, especially when they’re advertising for new employees. A glance through the job ads would lead you to believe that every employee’s life is brimming with fun. Unfortunately this perception – like the ads – isn’t entirely true.


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The importance of contingency planning

Emergencies that force you to stop trading, like earthquakes, floods or fires, come with little or no warning. To give your business the best chance of survival, you need a contingency plan. Make sure it includes what happens after disaster strikes, when less - or no -money might be coming in.


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Sensible seasonal housekeeping


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Six Invoice Tips from Xero

No one likes late payments from their customers. Late payments have a negative effect on cash flow. Chasing customers for payment takes valuable time. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to getting your invoices paid on time. Here are some tips to make your invoices highly likely to get paid quickly.


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Leading the charge

There is a saying that your biggest market is the one you currently have - most of your sales are likely to be repeat business from existing clients. The reason these clients keep coming back may be partly about what you sell, but chances are that customer service plays a big part. Guide your team to greatness.


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Children off to Uni in 2017?

If you have children off to university in 2017 have they applied for, or are they renewing, their Student Loan or Allowance? StudyLink are taking applications. Even if they are not sure what they will be studying they can still apply.


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Making tax simpler

In April, the Government announced proposals to simplify business tax, with legislation to be passed in August this year. They asked for feedback by end May on the best way to implement these proposals. The earliest of the changes would take effect from April 2017, with more coming online in 2018.


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Complimentary Client Review Meeting

Have you heard us say before how important it is to work on your business, not in it? It is essential to take time out to discuss what is happening in your business. The client review meeting is an ideal opportunity for you to meet with us on a no charge / no obligations basis to discuss any of the following.


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Receivables and Cashflow

The key to managing debtors is not to let it get away from you. Call us if you want to talk through your debtor numbers and put together a better system to manage debtors in your business.


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Introducing Edu-Mondays

We have introduced Edu-Mondays. We will be presenting a range of courses that look to give you a new perspective on your life and business or just make it easier and more enjoyable for you to run it. Writing a Business Plan, How to Achieve Work Life Balance and 7 ways to Grow your Business.


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Accounting from an Accountants Perspective

We have the passion and the desire to achieve great things with our clients. After all, we have all completed a colossal amount of education and we continue to do so every year. You really wouldn’t do this unless you really cared about the welfare of your clients and their businesses.


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7 Ways To Grow Your Business

We are running a seminar on the 7 Ways To Grow Your Business on Tuesday 22 September.

This is a one time opportunity to hear inspirational Viv Brownrigg speak in Hawkes Bay.


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End of Year - 31 March 2015

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about getting your 2015 financial statements and tax returns underway.


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Top ten tips for making that year end stuff less painful

We understand that it can take time and be a daunting exercise to compile all of your relevant records but by following our list of top ten tips you will be able make this much less painful.


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Writing off Bad Debts at year end

A bad debt occurs when a payment is not received for goods or services you have provided. All sales must be included as income for tax purposes but it would be unfair to pay tax on income of which you have no reasonable expectation of ever being paid for.


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Is it time to review your Kiwisaver scheme type?

Each of the Kiwisaver providers provide a number of different portfolios with different risk profiles.  Typically provided are Growth, Balanced and Conservative investment portfolios, or a combination of these.

11-Feb-2015 Vend

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How to Collect Data in Your Store and Four Ways to Use It

Retail stores have long been collecting basic details (i.e. name and email) on their customers. Now, with the help of some nifty retail cloud solutions, it’s possible to collect so much more.


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As the Employment Relations Amendment Bill passes its third reading there are some important changes all employers and employees should be aware of.

As the Employment Relations Amendment Bill passes its third reading there are some important changes all employers and employees should be aware of.


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Save time and money on your invoicing – use the Xero to Xero Network

If you are dealing with customers and suppliers and you are both Xero subscribers, you can send and receive invoices through the Xero Network.


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What does success mean to you?

I have just finished reading “The Art of Deliberate Success – Transform Your Professional and Personal Life” by Dr David Keane.  This is an outstanding book with some great words of wisdom.


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Top 10 best performing NZ shares of 2014 (so far...) infographic

There have been some stellar performers on the New Zealand sharemarket this year as it's surged ahead breaking new records. This snapshot of the NZX50 posted by the New Zealand Herald gives an interesting overview.


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We've added a new payment service to make it quicker and easier for you

From October 2014 we will be emailing invoices from Xero which will contain a link to pay your account using POLi. Clicking on the link will take you to the POLi website where you can choose the Bank you wish to make a payment from. You simply login, select the bank account and the payment details will be pre-populated. Approve the payment and it’s done.


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Congratulations to Hillmac Electrical – Finalists in the 2014 Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

Finalists for the 2014 Westpac Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Awards were announced recently with Hillmac Electrical being finalists in the EIT Small to Medium Business category.


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Cool Xero library feature

Many of you have been uploading invoices against transactions, which in itself is pretty cool. Even better, when you scan the invoice you can email it directly to your Xero library.  This means when you are entering a transaction and click on upload, the invoice it will already be in your library. 


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Celebrating success - Go the Hawke's Bay Magpies and the All Blacks! 8 things rugby teaches us about small business

Many of us grew up in a family obsessed with rugby.  We’re well versed in the ins and outs of the game with many Saturdays spent cheering on our local teams from the sidelines.


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Your IRD payment options are changing from 1 October 2014.

IRD are making a few changes to the way you can make payments to them.


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Keeping address details up-to-date is important in this digital age

As IRD continue to offer more digital services, including the way they contact and communicate with you or your staff (eg, email and text messages), it's important all your contact details remain up to date.


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Is your accountant chartered? And why does it matter?

Choosing the right accountant can be the difference between business success and failure - that's a key reason why you should also use a Chartered Accountant.


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90 day job trial rules not followed

A Wellington cafe worker was unfairly sacked when his employer mistakenly relied on the 90-day trial period.


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Applying depreciation on your i-phone, i-pad and other smart devices.

Depreciation determinations applying from the 2014 tax year


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Networking: What's the point? 5 key questions.

Do you look forward to networking events or would you rather sharpen pencils? For some people networking is a lot of fun while for others it's an ordeal. Yet networking helps you put your business out there and keeps you in touch with leads and new ideas.


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Eek, it's webspeak - A handy tip for you!

Do you geek out with website terminology? Or are you like me? You just want someone to make the website work! What I’ve learned this week might help you too. I’ve got my training wheels on and there are definitely some common terms it's good to be familiar with.


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Cycling teams headed for the Games - Read the numbers...

Commitment. Training. Performance. The Commonwealth Games 2014 run for 11 days from 23rd July through to 3rd August in Glasgow. We love the national pride, the sportsmanship, the record breaking times, and of course, the numbers...


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Concept of shareholders drawings

A common concept that is misunderstood by business owners is the concept of drawings.  In its simplest form drawings are cash taken from the business for personal use.


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The end of the road for your company

It’s an unfortunate fact, but the majority of new businesses fail. But what happens to your limited liability company when you make the decision to close the doors. Many business owners think that their obligations end once they cease trading. However, a company is a separate legal identity and may continue to exist for some time after you closed up shop.